“This book was brilliant and heartbreakingly raw”

Note- I was provided with an ARC of Cryptic Clockwork by the author’s lovely publishing team!

This book was brilliant and heartbreakingly raw, and I knew it the moment I read the preface. A collection of writing that has a uniqueness to all its pieces and manages to keep a thread of unity throughout the book is rare, but I found that in Cryptic Clockwork. The prose pieces and the stories that they told were brimming with emotion, and the poetry was like a smattering of constellations. I loved every moment of reading this collection, even when it brought pain and sorrow.

The author brings a sense of emptiness through his words, yet when you’ve finished reading, you feel inexplicably whole. I would insert quotes from the pieces in here, but then we would be here all year- each phrase you read invokes a different emotion. Justin is talented at a level some of us might not ever be able to comprehend, and I’ve been honored to read Cryptic Clockwork.

–Ivi H. // Goodreads Review